PINK PANTHERESS is a 21-year-old United Kingdom artist. The viral song “ Just for me” grew on TikTok and Pinkpantheress has become the name for Gen-Z music. PinkPantheress’s vocals, which are frequently short in length and include samples of music from the 1990s and 2000s, span several genres, including bedroom pop, drum and bass, alt-pop, and 2-step garage.
Since Pinkpantheress dropped the EP album ‘Take me home", it would be interesting to expand it into a deluxe album; incorporate her influences and create a 360 design for the tour, social media, merchandise, website, concert set design, motion design, and album cover.
Since the rise of nostalgia in the early 2000s, Pinkpantheress influences come that decade. I’m incorporating the essence of 2000’s pop-punk,grunge core, house decorum, and musicians that influenced her. It also includes a hint of pink, a call back to the origin of her stage name.
“I don't know I feel like the 2000’s is just misunderstood and it was a time for people to just to be themselves.” - Pinkpantheress
New EP Album Cover 
Front Album
Front Album
Back Album
Back Album
Boy's a Liar  Teaser  Lyric Video 
Stage Design 
Art Director 
Video Editor 

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